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Everything you need to know
about AI

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We are in the midst of a revolution that is affecting all aspects of our lives - the AI (artificial intelligence) revolution. We have the privilege of sitting in the front row of this new reality, unfolding right before our eyes, presenting us with numerous opportunities but also many dangers and challenges. We have several options in the face of this changing reality: we can watch it from the sidelines, or we can join and even lead it. If we sit on the sidelines, we will miss out on many benefits that the world of artificial intelligence offers us, such as increased efficiency, creativity, and business growth. Joining the world of artificial intelligence and familiarizing ourselves with these tools up close allows us to fulfill ourselves, flourish, and thrive. We can harness artificial intelligence tools for our development (both personal & professional).

Alongside adopting artificial intelligence tools and harnessing them for our growth - it is essential to understand the logic on which these tools operate. To comprehend the power relations between the technology giants driving the world of innovation, their interests, power struggles, algorithmic biases, and the economic model upon which artificial intelligence systems are based. It is important that we understand what drives the development of artificial intelligence tools, to what extent they operate responsibly and ethically, and what regulatory frameworks they operate within. It is essential to understand how artificial intelligence affects us as human beings, the society in which we live, and our environment.

In a world based on artificial intelligence (towards which we are advancing rapidly), the existing asymmetry between machines and humans is growing. This is an extreme asymmetry, but it can be corrected. We can regain control by adopting a deep and responsible understanding of artificial intelligence tools and by becoming intimately familiar with this world. So that artificial intelligence serves us, humans, and not the other way around.

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All You Need to Know about AI

For over a decade, I have been lecturing on innovation, strategy, and marketing at professional conferences for companies and academia in Israel and around the world. My commitment to excellence has been recognized, and among other honors, I was admitted to Tel Aviv University's prestigious "100 List" for excellence in teaching.


If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, or any other service provider, you can adopt artificial intelligence to maximize your abilities, optimize the resources available to you, and achieve better results with less effort. However, it is important to understand the precautions you need to take and the risks involved in adopting and implementing AI. Since this field is still in its infancy, it is crucial to use these tools wisely, without endangering your business or yourself.


I offer:

•    Lectures and workshops on AI

•    Professional guidance in implementing AI systems

•    Implementing responsible & ethic of AI use

•    Legal Aspects of in creating&using AI

•    Consulting services

Lectures: in-depth understanding of the AI world

The Future of Humanity in an AI-Driven World: where are we heading?

AI Revolution: The Future of Work in an AI-Powered World, Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

The War for AI Dominance: Behind the Scenes of AI Titans and the Race for Supremacy

The Future of Education: How AI is Transforming Teaching and Learning?

The Paradox of Human and AI Interaction: What It Means to Be Human in an Algorithmic World

The Role of AI in Addressing Climate Change: Understanding the Ecological Opportunities and Challenges

Human-Centered AI: Ensuring Human Values and Ethics in a World of Intelligent Systems

Lectures and workshops to upgrade business activity

Practical AI for Business: Using AI to Gain a Competitive Edge

Content Creation that Converts: A Marketing Workshop

AI Marketing Mastery: How to Create Compelling Marketing Materials with Ease

Online Social Network dynamics and user behavior

The Psychology of Marketing: Exploring the Art of Persuasion and Influence

Lectures to executives on legal, regulatory, or ethical aspects of AI:

Bias in Artificial Intelligence: Uncovering the Impact on Society

Algorithmic Accountability: Ensuring Ethical and Transparent Use of AI

The Risk-Benefit Equation of AI: A Framework for Informed Decision Making

The Legal Landscape of AI Adoption: An International Review of What's Happening in Israel and the World

AI, Regulation, and User Protection: A Framework for Legal Compliance and Ethical Adoption

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