EfshariBari (אפשריבריא) - Israel National Program for Active and Healthy Living

​The National Program - EfshariBari, works with the Social Marketing program at the Communications Department, Tel Aviv University. 

The program is guided by the social marketing approach, based on the creation of collaborative dialogue among interest groups and the general public through various media channels, including digital channels that allow open debate on policy issues, ideas, opinions, and recommendations applicable to variety of people | (Project funded by the Israel Ministry of Health as part of The National Program for Active and Healthy Living). 




Social marketing projects in which I took part
Production Director of Social Marketing Campaigns & Artistic Director

Reducing the digital gap regarding health information: Project for developing multimedia Web format for delivering health information to Israeli-Ethiopian

- Developing audio-visual formats in several health issues of special importance amongst Israeli-Ethiopian, enabling listening and viewing    information without reading knowledge

- Developing formats to find information appropriate to the Ethiopian with limited reading skills in health In order to be able to choose        the type of information they are interested in the following requirements:

-  The ability to find information without reading 

- Information relating to the cultural and social aspects 

- Can be used without the need for mediators and translators
- Skills for using the Internet and search for information by people with limited reading skills

  (Funded by the National Institute for health services research and health policy. Led by Prof. Nurit Guttman)



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