Tel-Aviv University

2.0 Politics - Online Political Strategy

Academic Literacy, A preparatory program / Sawa 
A Program to Promote Students from the Arab Sector


Hadassah College Jerusalem
Social Marketing Campaigns - Workshop, Politics and Communication Department

Frontal Teaching Assistant 

Tel-Aviv University
Introduction to Mass Communication - Theories and Models, Communication Department

Qualitative Research Methods, Communication Department

Communications Science, Communication Department

Academic Writing, Communication Department

Internet: Essences, Aspects and Implications, The Partner Institute for Internet Studies

Netanya Academic College
Social, Humanistic and political thought, School of Communication

Journalism in the age of new media, School of Communication

Introduction to Mass Communication - Theories and Models, School of Communication
Television Studies, School of Communication

Israeli Society, School of Communication

Journey Between Screens, School of Communication


Teaching Assistant
College of Management Academic Studies
Women, Girls and Media Images of Femininity, School of Communication
Female Audience, Male Audience, Advertising and Gender Images (MBA, Marketing and Advertising), School of Business

Gordon College of Education
Language, Culture and Communication, Gordon College of Education (E-Learning) 





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