Tel-Aviv University

  • Media and Conflicts, International MA Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

  • 2.0 Politics - Online Political Strategy

  • Academic Literacy, A preparatory program / Sawa. A Program to Promote Students from the Arab Sector

IDC Herzliya

  • Scientific Writing

Hadassah College Jerusalem

  • Social Marketing Campaigns - Workshop, Politics and Communication Department

Frontal Teaching Assistant 

Tel-Aviv University

  • Introduction to Mass Communication - Theories and Models, Communication Department

  • Qualitative Research Methods, Communication Department

  • Communications Science, Communication Department

  • Academic Writing, Communication Department

  • Internet: Essences, Aspects and Implications, The Partner Institute for Internet Studies

Netanya Academic College

  • Social, Humanistic and political thought, School of Communication

  • Journalism in the age of new media, School of Communication

  • Introduction to Mass Communication - Theories and Models, School of Communication

  • Television Studies, School of Communication

  • Israeli Society, School of Communication

  • Journey Between Screens, School of Communication

Teaching Assistant
College of Management Academic Studies

  • Women, Girls and Media Images of Femininity, School of Communication

  • Female Audience, Male Audience, Advertising and Gender Images (MBA, Marketing and Advertising), School of Business

Gordon College of Education

  • Language, Culture and Communication, Gordon College of Education (E-Learning)