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Technological Innovation, Strategy & Marketing
ד״ר לימור זיו Dr. Limor Ziv.jpg

In short, about me

I'm a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) specializing in digital marketing and user behavior. I have extensive experience developing media strategies to achieve marketing goals. I hold a Ph.D. in Communication & Media Studies from Tel-Aviv University. Over a decade of experience lecturing at the best academic institutions in Israel (Tel Aviv University, Reichman, Bar-Ilan University, etc.) and consulting for private companies. I provide lectures, training, consulting, and support to companies and individuals whose goal is to integrate AI applications into their activities.


Throughout my lectures and training sessions, I focus on the practical application of AI technologies and their ethical implications, reflecting my belief that technology should serve people and society. As a lecturer, I entered the "list of 100" outstanding lecturers from Tel Aviv University. In addition, I serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Fair Trade in Israel and am committed to ethical business practices.  My experience spans various sectors, including the private sector, government ministries, NGOs & academia, offering a comprehensive perspective on technological innovation.

Among my clients:  

  • The Prime Minister's Office

  • Ministry of Defense

  • Reichman University

  • Tel Aviv Municipality

  • Medison Pharma

  • And many more

ד״ר לימור זיו Dr. Limor Ziv
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