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Technological Innovation, Strategy & Marketing
ד״ר לימור זיו Dr. Limor Ziv.jpg

In short, about me

I'm a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) specializing in digital marketing and user behavior. I have extensive experience developing media strategies to achieve marketing goals. I hold a Ph.D. in Communication & Media Studies from Tel-Aviv University. Over a decade of experience lecturing at top academic institutions in Israel (Tel Aviv University, Reichman, Bar-Ilan University, etc.).


I provide lectures, training, consulting, and support to companies and individuals looking to integrate AI applications into their activities. Throughout my sessions, I focus on the practical application of AI technologies and their ethical implications, reflecting my belief that technology should serve people and society. I am a member of the Scientific Council at the Israeli Association for Ethics in AI (IAEAI), advising on responsible AI practices. In addition, I serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Fair Trade in Israel.


My experience spans various sectors, including the private sector, government ministries, NGOs & academia, offering a comprehensive perspective on technological innovation and ethics. I was selected to Tel Aviv University's "top 100" list of outstanding lecturers

Among my clients:  

  • The Prime Minister's Office

  • Ministry of Defense

  • Reichman University

  • Tel Aviv Municipality

  • Medison Pharma

  • And many more

ד״ר לימור זיו Dr. Limor Ziv
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