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Talks and Workshops

I lead seminars and talks focused on various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI). Each session is customized to meet the specific requirements of the intended audience.

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Lectures: in-depth understanding of the AI world

  • The Future of Humanity in an AI-Driven World: where are we heading?

  • AI Revolution: The Future of Work in an AI-Powered World, Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

  • The War for AI Dominance: Behind the Scenes of AI Titans and the Race for Supremacy

  • The Future of Education: How AI is Transforming Teaching and Learning?

  • The Paradox of Human and AI Interaction: What It Means to Be Human in an Algorithmic World

  • The Role of AI in Addressing Climate Change: The Ecological Opportunities and Challenges

  • Human-Centered AI: Ensuring Human Values and Ethics in a World of Intelligent Systems


Lectures and workshops to upgrade business activity

  • Practical AI for Business: Using AI to Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Content Creation that Converts: A Marketing Workshop

  • AI Marketing Mastery: How to Create Compelling Marketing Materials with Ease

  • Online Social Network dynamics and user behavior

  • The Psychology of Marketing: Exploring the Art of Persuasion and Influence

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Lectures to executives on legal, regulatory, or ethical aspects of AI:

  • Bias in Artificial Intelligence: Uncovering the Impact on Society

  • Algorithmic Accountability: Ensuring Ethical and Transparent Use of AI

  • The Risk-Benefit Equation of AI: A Framework for Informed Decision Making

  • The Legal Landscape of AI Adoption: An International Review of What's Happening in Israel and the World

  • AI, Regulation, and User Protection: A Framework for Legal Compliance and Ethical Adoption

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